Outdoor Heat Exposure

Updated June 28, 2022

Excessive exposure to heat can cause a range of heat-related illnesses, from less serious heat rash and heat cramps to more serious heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Heat stroke requires immediate medical attention because it can result in serious health effects or death, so take precautions while working in the summer heat.


UW COVID-19 Vaccination Policy (effective 11/1/22)


To help reduce the potential for COVID-19 transmission and severe illness, the University of Washington requires University personnel and students to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or have a University-authorized medical or religious exemption as described in the UW COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.

UW Medicine medical facility clinical personnel must follow the UW Medicine COVID-19 Vaccination Policy. 



Heat stress and facemasks

Can wearing a facemask while working in hot weather cause me to overheat?

No. A face covering alone will not cause a person to overheat. Studies have shown that filtering facepiece respirators, such as an N95, do not cause additional physiological stress to most wearers and do not contribute to heat stress.