UW Employee Health Center


The UW Employee Health Center in EH&S provides clinical services for UW personnel not employed by UW Medicine medical facilities.

 UW Medicine personnel should contact their employee health center.

UW Medicine employee health centers Phone
Harborview Medical Center Employee Health  206.744.3081
UWMC-Montlake Employee Health  206.598.4848
UWMC-Northwest Employee Health  206.668.1625
UW Neighborhood Clinics  206.520.5536
Department of Lab Medicine and Pathology 206.520.4673

The UW Employee Health Center provides occupational health services and work-related preventive health services based on risk factors and OSHA requirements, and are designed to ensure you are safe while working at the UW.

Occupational health services

Occupational health services and consultations are based on medical management requirements of work activities. 

EHC provides services to employees needing regulatory management, such as those employees whose work involves:

  • Animal research, care and use
  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Silica
  • Airborne hazards that require a respirator
  • Research scientific diving
  • UW Police Department 
  • Work with Select Agents/BSL-3 biohazards

Visit the Research Occupational Health webpage for more information.

work activities for which services are provided

Preventive health services

Preventive health services include blood pressure screenings and Occupational Health screenings.

Blood pressure screeningblood pressure cuff

Blood pressure screening is available to all UW employees; no permission is required.

Occupational Health screenings

(department/unit permission required)

Occupational Health screenings are part of a comprehensive exam package customized for the individual. Occupational Health screenings require permission from your unit or department. 

Post-exposure evaluations

Work-related injury

Injured employees may call us at 206.685.1026, press "0" immediately following an incident. 

If it’s an emergency, the employee should call 9-1-1.

The Employee Health Center will complete a brief intake or risk assessment of the injury, and refer the employee to another healthcare facility for more complete medical attention, if appropriate.

If an injury occurs outside our business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday), the employee should seek care at a healthcare facility in the community, such as the UW Medical Center.

Contact us

UW EH&S Employee Health Center

  Email Phone Fax
General inquiries emphlth@uw.edu  206.685.1026, press "0"  206.221.5110 
COVID-19 inquiries  covidehc@uw.edu  206.616.3344 N/A


We are located on the ground floor of the Hall Health Building in suite G-07.


UW Employee Health Center
4060 E. Stevens Way NE, Room G07
Seattle, WA 98195
Campus mailbox 354400

Hours of operation: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday

Outside of normal business hours: If an employee has a work-related medical injury/exposure, they should seek care at the UW Medicine Medical Center or call UWMC Emergency Medical Services at 206.598.4000.

When contacting the UW Employee Health Center:

  • Call 206.685.1026 and press "0" to schedule or cancel appointments.
  • Please call-in advance to schedule an appointment for medical screenings or reviews.
  • To protect your privacy, email should not be used to request or share personal medical information.

Most services are billed to the employee’s department (except for blood pressure screenings). You need permission from your supervisor to access most UW Employee Health Center services.

Our mission

To ensure our clients are safe at work: this is done by reviewing the staff member’s work group and role, along with items that may put them at risk for injury/exposure, such as different pathogens or chemicals or work-related activities that may increase their risk for disease/illness injury. Immunizations, medical surveillance, medical management for work activities, along with education are a few ways the UW Employee Health Center protects the health of staff and students.     

Non-work-related acquired illness/disease/injuries should be evaluated by the client’s personal healthcare provider. 

The UW Employee Health Center works closely with other EH&S teams to accomplish our mission of keeping you safe at work.

The Research Occupational Health webpage contains important safety information for those working in research at the UW: it is highly recommended researchers visit this webpage and become familiar with its contents. 

Frequently asked questions


UW Employee Health Center Contact

(206) 685-1026 x0