Health and Safety Committees

Health and safety committees help identify unsafe conditions and methods of work, discuss and communicate safety concerns, and suggest corrective and safety measures to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses.

The University established the UW health and safety committee structure as part of its culture of safety to encourage respect, excellence, collaboration, integrity and innovation. The 10 organizational health and safety committees, along with the University-Wide Health and Safety Committee, share the responsibilities of implementing and monitoring the University’s health and safety program.  Please familiarize yourself with the 2024-2025 term health and safety committee leadership and representation below.

Every employee at the University is represented on one of these 10 committees. Each committee meets on a monthly basis to discuss health and safety related topics and concerns within their represented departments. Employees are encouraged to run for committee membership, vote for representatives, and communicate health and safety concerns to the committees.

The health and safety committee program is managed by Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S). Each committee is supported by executive leadership known as the executive sponsor. Elections for members of the committees are held every two years, and elected members serve for two years on their committee. 

Responsibilities of the health and safety committees include:

  • Reviewing and evaluating accident investigation reports
  • Reviewing and evaluating departmental health and safety plans
  • Reviewing and discussing health and safety suggestions from employees
  • Providing feedback on safety-related material provided by EH&S
  • Recommending actions to resolve health and safety concerns

Health and Safety Committee Meeting Information

Health and safety committees are a valuable resource for all employees. All employees should know which of the 10 committees listed below represents their department. Contact your chair(s) for a current member roster or to inquire about meeting schedule or minutes.

University-Wide Health and Safety Committee


The Health and Safety Committee Training Program course, required for HSC elected and appointed members, is available online on the EH&S website.

Contact the EH&S Training team at for more information.

Regulation and policy


Accident and Injury Reporting Contact

(206) 543-7388