Chemical Treatment and Recycling

Pollution prevention is intended to reduce, eliminate or prevent pollution at its source. Efforts towards pollution prevention at the UW include treatment by generator, universal waste management and recycling.

Treatment by generator

Treatment by generator refers to treating your own hazardous waste, which helps the UW avoid the risk and cost of hazardous waste transport and disposal.

By law, Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) is required to report all hazardous waste treatment at the University. If treating waste, you are required to:

  1. Have an approved procedure;
  2. Document training; and
  3. Keep an updated Chemical Treatment Log.

If you would like to begin treating any of the chemicals listed below, contact Environmental Programs and we can help you get started.

More information

Visit the Chemical Waste Disposal page for information about disposing of chemical waste.

Universal waste and recycling

Certain types of dangerous waste can be handled under the simplified Universal Waste rules. The rules allow for much easier management than regular dangerous waste requirements.

Environmental Health & Safety manages a few categories of universal waste listed below.

Additional resources

Visit the Hazardous Material Disposal and Recycling page for more information about disposal, recycling, and sending to surplus additional types of hazardous materials.


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