Electrostatic Sprayers Focus Sheet (updated 1/22/21)


The use of electrostatic sprayers for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that are potentially or known to be contaminated with SARS-CoV-2 virus have been identified as an alternative disinfection method. Electrostatic sprayers are typically used by custodians or other units tasked with disinfecting large areas. Follow the guidance in this focus sheet when using electrostatic sprayers.

Log of changes:


New safety training reports for managers

Unit leaders, managers and supervisors have two new ways to view EH&S safety training records for all personnel within an organization code or all individuals who report to a manager or supervisor. Unit leaders, managers and supervisors can view or download a list of people who took a specific training course within a selected date range.

Training records can also be found for one or a few individuals using a UWNetID or multiple UWNetIDs separated by commas.