Work safely with UV lights


EH&S Radiation Safety has resources and guidance for University laboratories to reduce the risk of exposures and injuries when using ultraviolet (UV) lights or equipment containing UV lights. The resources include a Ultraviolet (UV) Safety Sheet and warning signs for faculty, staff, and students working with UV lights.

UV lights are often included in laboratory equipment, such as UV light box/transilluminator and UV Crosslinkers, among others. UV exposure increases the risk of potential blinding eye diseases if eye protection is not used, and overexposure or prolongCaution UV Radiation Hazard warning signed UV radiation exposure can also lead to health issues such as skin cancer.

Take the following precautions to reduce the risk for injury when using UV lights or equipment containing UV lights:

  • Review the Ultraviolet (UV) Safety Sheet and implement all applicable safe work practices.
  • Request applicable warning signs from the EH&S Radiation Safety Office at 206-543-0463 or at
  • Talk with your colleagues about the importance of following safety procedures.

For questions or additional guidance, please contact EH&S Radiation Safety at or 206-543-0463.