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Safety Alert issued for ZIGZAG, ZIGZAG PLUS, and ZILLON fall protection products

Petzl issued a Safety Alert with a request for inspection following reports of slippage and identification of defects in the release levers on ZIGZAG, ZIGZAG PLUS and ZILLON products.

This information concerns only the following products: ZIGZAG (D022AA00), ZIGZAG PLUS (D022BA00), ZILLON (L22A 025, L22A 040, L22A 055) with serial numbers between 18L and 21G.


Level up your facemask

Updated 1/7/21

There has been a dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases due to the Omicron variant. Vaccines are doing their job to protect against severe illness, hospitalizations, and deaths; however, breakthrough infections in people who are fully vaccinated and boosted can occur. Continuing to use multiple layers of protection is more important than ever.


New Anesthetic Gases Safe Use Guidelines published

EH&S has developed a new document Anesthetic Gases: Safe Use Guidelines and an Anesthetic Gases webpage to help users of anesthetic gases understand the potential health effects from exposure to anesthetic gases, and to provide guidance on minimizing potential exposures. These gases can be separated into two categories: Halogenated anesthetic gases/vapors and nitrous oxide.


MyChem modernization announcement

EH&S and UW-IT have collaborated to modernize MyChem, the UW’s chemical inventory tracking system, to provide a more reliable and effective tool with a modern interface that allows users more control over their inventories. 

The launch of the modernized MyChem will occur in early 2022. After launch, the new MyChem URL will be (A notice will be posted at the old URL sending users to the new URL.)


Product Inspection Notice issued for CMC CLUTCH fall protection devices

Harken Industrial™ issued a Product Inspection Notice for CMC CLUTCH™ units after identifying a number of units that may have shipped without the stainless steel Friction Shoe installed. While a missing Friction Shoe does not present an immediate safety concern, there may be impacts to long-term device durability and performance.


Hazardous waste storage and labeling reminders

Please keep in mind storage requirements and labeling options for your hazardous chemical waste. 

Store waste at near generation point: Regulations require all hazardous waste be stored “at or near” its point of generation. In most circumstances, if you have to leave the room or go through a door to get to the storage location (prior to pickup by EH&S), then it is not at or near the point of generation. 


Changes to hazardous materials shipping regulations in 2022

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has published updated regulations manuals for 2022, which may impact University units that ship dangerous goods by air. The list of regulation changes on the IATA website address shipping lithium batteries, infectious substances, and live animals. We have listed below the most relevant changes related to certain types of lithium batteries: