Temporary UWNetIDs can no longer access EH&S training courses


After June 21, 2019, users with temporary visitor accounts (accounts with a “wireXXXXX” format) will no longer be able to access online safety training courses provided by the Environmental Health & Safety Department (EH&S).

EH&S has moved our online safety training courses to the Bridge Learning Management System. Temporary accounts cannot access the Bridge Learning Management System due to insufficient access rights to register for courses. In addition, EH&S documents all safety training courses completed by each person for compliance purposes, and because temporary accounts are not assigned to a specific person, allowing access undermines the University’s compliance responsibilities.

The solution is to obtain a sponsored UW NetID from UW-IT for visitors required to register for a class or complete an online training.

Please contact the EH&S Training office at 206.543.7201 or ehstrain@uw.edu with questions.