National Biosafety Month 2016: Evaluation, Collaboration and Commitment


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Science Policy has announced the 3rd annual National Biosafety Month in October 2016.

During National Biosafety Month, you are encouraged to focus attention on biosafety policies, practices and procedures. Investigators and laboratory managers should raise biosafety awareness, discuss the importance of safety, and seek input on ways to strengthen biosafety practices and procedures in their labs.

The theme of this 2016's National Biosafety Month is: Evaluation, Collaboration, and Commitment.

  • Evaluate the biosafety culture and program in your lab. Engage in self- and peer-evaluation of procedures, practices, personal protective equipment, and training. Please see the EH&S Biological Safety webpages for resources and tools to help you.
  • Collaborate with others to promote biosafety. Share best practices, procedures, strategies, and solutions for enhancing biosafety practices. Work with colleagues to provide a fresh perspective that may allow others to identify solutions to common problems.
  • Remain committed to biosafety. Ensure appropriate resources are devoted to biosafety in your laboratories. Provide adequate support to ensure that all operational elements of the biosafety program have the necessary resources and can function optimally.

If you have any questions about National Biosafety Month, please contact EH&S at 206.221.7770 or