Inspect your kernmantle ropes for critical defects


Petzl®, a manufacturer of fall protection ropes, issued a request for inspection of Petzl® low-stretch kermantle ropes due to the discovery of critical defects.

University units using Petz® kernmantle ropes with fall protection equipment should immediately inspect the following ropes with serial numbers between 18 C 0000000 000 and 20 H 0000000 000:

rope defect example
Image source: Petzl website

  • AXIS 11 mm
  • ASAP'AXIS 11 mm
  • PARALLEL 10.5 mm
  • VECTOR 12.5 mm 
  • RAY 12 mm 
  • SEGMENT 8 mm
  • CLUB 200 10 mm 
  • PUSH 200 9 mm
  • TOP 9.8 mm
  • LEAD 9.8 mm
  • KIT including these ropes

The request for inspection notice with examples of defects can be found on the Petzl® website. If you find any defect, remove your rope from service immediately, notify EH&S and contact Petzl®.

Contact EH&S’s Occupational Safety & Health team at with questions about fall protection equipment.