EH&S awarded for protecting waterways


The UW Environmental Health & Safety Department (EH&S) received a Silver Award from King County Industrial Waste Program to recognize Seattle campus wastewater treatment practices that protect regional water quality.

This award reflects the University’s commitment to protecting public health and the environment by controlling the amount of harmful substances in our wastewater, such as low pH, sediment, and hazardous chemicals, which can damage King County’s wastewater treatment infrastructure and pollute waterways.

All wastewater discharged to the sanitary sewer system (i.e. poured down a drain or flushed down a toilet) must comply with local, state and federal standards. These standards are designed to protect surface waters, health and safety in the treatment works, and to maintain the quality of biosolids at wastewater treatment plants.  

The University’s wastewater permit is currently under renewal and will be reissued for the next 5-year permit cycle. Permit requirements direct potentially dangerous waste activities, such as storage, treatment and actual discharge, on most campus settings.

The complete list of award recipients and award criteria can be found on the King County Industrial Waste Program site.