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The University of Washington COVID-19 Prevention Plan (PDF) helps ensure the health and safety of personnel by reducing the potential for COVID-19 transmission at the University of Washington. This document is also available in Word format.

Log of changes for 3/25/22:

  • Removed requirement for unit or site-specific prevention plans, which are optional
  • Removed the COVID-19 Site Supervisor section from Roles and Responsibilities
  • Removed requirements for designated eating and drinking spaces, added best practices to section E
  • Updated section E to align with changes to the University's Face Covering Policy

Log of changes for 2/25/22:

  • Removed the requirement for UW personnel to report close contact in Section 4. It is necessary to report close contact only when an individual is not up-to-date on the CDC recommended COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters and has not tested positive in past 90 days and developed symptoms during quarantine.
  • Clarified vaccination requirements in Section 5A for suppliers, vendors, contractors and volunteers.
  • Deleted the requirement for daily symptom attestations in healthcare settings and removed the link to the Symptom Monitoring Guidance (archived on 2/24/22).
  • Clarified testing and reporting requirements in Section 5B.
  • Updated guidance for individuals who have a close contact exposure in Section 5B.
  • Removed the requirement to wear face coverings at outdoor events with 500 attendees from Section 5E.
  • Added information to section 5E regarding upgrading to a facemask with higher level of protection during periods of high transmission.
  • Added the requirement in Section 5E for personnel with a University-approved exemption to the vaccination requirement to wear a surgical mask or facemask the provides a higher level of protection.
  • Updated the physical distancing section of 5E to include the requirement for personnel with a University-approved exemption to the vaccination requirement to maintain physical distancing during eating and drinking.
  • Removed the requirement for physical distancing in child care and K-12 settings in Section 5E.
  • Added the promotion of boosters as an alternative strategy in Section 5E.
  • Added to the Unit or Site-Specific COVID-19 Prevention Plan Template “Provide advisory information for employees who use a respirator voluntarily in the workplace when it is not required.”


Log of changes for November 2021:

  • In Section 4 UW personnel are no longer required to remo
  • Updated reference to Husky Coronavirus Testing program by adding "a voluntary research program" on 11/15/21
  • Added link to FAQ "I want to get tested for COVID-19. Where can I go?" on 11/15/21
  • Updated Vaccination section on 11/10/21

Log of changes on 9/24/21:

Log of changes on 8/20/21:

  • Updated definitions of “vaccine attestation,” “vaccination status” and “fully vaccinated”
  • Updated responsibilities of Unit Leader, COVID-19 Site Supervisor, and Personnel
  • Removed specific details from section A. Vaccination while the University is in the process of updating the UW COVID-19 Vaccination Policy
  • Updated section E. Face Coverings, Personal Protective Equipment, Physical Distancing and Alternative Strategies by updating the face covering requirements to align with the updates to the UW COVID-19 Face Covering Policy
  • Updated section E. Face Coverings, Personal Protective Equipment, Physical Distancing and Alternative Strategies by adding a Physical Distancing sub-section to address the recommendation to maintain distance when actively eating and drinking

Log of changes on 8/3/21:

  • Updated the Face Coverings information (section E) on 8/3/21 to align with the announcement that masks are strongly recommended in UW facilities where they’re not already required.

Log of changes on 7/8/21:

  • Removed physical distancing requirement in most settings (exceptions include health care, child care, and K-12 settings, regardless of vaccination status).
  • Added Vaccinations section with link to the new UW COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and FAQs.
  • Updated face covering requirements; wearing face covering is optional for individuals who are fully vaccinated in most settings. Added requirement for supervisors to verify an individual’s vaccination status before relaxing the face covering requirement in the workplace.
  • Updated section B: Daily symptom attestation is no longer required in most settings (exceptions include health care, child care, and K-12 settings).
  • Removed plan elements that are no longer required: Visitor logs, room occupancy restrictions, public restroom restrictions
  • UW units need to update unit-level and site-specific COVID-19 prevention plans, but are no longer required to submit plans to the Executive Office for approval.

Log of changes on 4/7/21:

  • Added links to new and updated EH&S COVID-19 prevention resources, including the Room Occupancy Limits Guidance for COVID-19 Prevention
  • Clarified that COVID-19 prevention measures are required regardless of vaccination status
  • Updated public health guidance in section 5.B.
  • Clarified the use of face shields in section 5.E.
  • Added links to additional resources to communicate hazards for personnel working with disinfectants in section 5.F.
  • Added links to additional COVID-19 resources in section 7. 
  • Added recommendation to encourage employees and students to activate the Washington Exposure Notification – WA Notify app on their mobile devices in section 5.B.

Changes to earlier versions:

  • Replaced link to Governor Inslee's Safe Start requirements to Washington state COVID-19 reopening guidance on 1/15/21.
  • Updated definition of close contact to match CDC definition on10/29/20.
  • Updated contact for COVID-19 Response Team on 9/25/20.
  • Changed visitor log retention to 30 days on 8/13/20.


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