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The COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines for In-Person Events (Word) provides guidance for preventing the spread of COVID-19 and for compliance with Washington state and local public health requirements at in-person events.

For events that require approval through the Use of University Facilities (UUF) process, event organizers must work with the venue operator to complete an In-Person Event COVID-19 Prevention Plan and keep it on file.

For events that don’t require approval through the UUF process, event organizers must submit a completed In-Person Event COVID-19 Prevention Plan to the relevant University unit representative or sponsor. 

Log of changes:

  • 5/31/22: Added to the checklist COVID-19 testing prior to and after the event
  • 3/25/22: Updated requirements for serving food at events (Eating and Drinking Guidance for COVID-19 Prevention was archived).
  • Change vaccination verification requirement to optional to align with Washington state removal of vaccination requirement for events and venues on March 1, 2022
  • Added link to COVID-19 Vaccination Verification Poster on 11/10/21
  • Added link to UW Tacoma UUF Form on 11/3/21.
  • Updated guidance for vaccination requirements and verifying vaccinations on 10/25/21.
  • Updated Applicability section on 10/25/21.
  • Added link to Guidelines for Establishing a Vaccine Requirement for In-Person University Event on 8/31/21.
  • Added link to Eating Spaces and Food Guidance updated face covering requirements on 8/17/21.
  • Removed phased requirements and revised guidance to align with CDC and Washington state on 8/2/21. 
  • Aligned attendance limits with Washington state requirements for Miscellaneous Venues on 4/22/21
  • Added requirements for photography events on 4/22/21
  • Added a section for graduation recognition events on 4/22/21
  • Increased capacity limits to align with Healthy Washington Phase 3 Guidelines on 3/22/21
  • Added item to encourage attendees and staff to activate the WA Exposure Notification application on mobile devices on 3/22/21
  •  Added reference to Campus Events guidance and the Events Permit Flowchart on 3/22/21
  • Added guidance for planned food service including application for  Temporary Food Service Permit (if needed) on 3/22/21
  • Added reference to state requirements for stadium and ballpark spectators on 3/22/21
  • Updated Applicability section on 1/20/21, 1/29/21 and 2/5/21.
  • Replaced Phase 3 and Phase 4 requirements with 'TBD" - updated 1/20/21
  • UW Affiliation in Phase 1 and 2 changed to "Events organized, sponsored or hosted by a UW unit" - updated 1/20/21
  • Deleted rows for Event Purpose and Venue - updated 1/21/20
  • Updated Attendance Limits in Phases 1 and 2 to align with Healthy Washington - Roadmap to Recovery phase requirements - updated 1/20/21
  • Updated the In-Person Event COVID-19 Prevention Plan checklist to limit in-person meetings to "capacity limits" and removed mention of "Safe Start" - updated 1/20/21
  • These guidelines do not apply to "University-led youth programs, e.g., child care, pre-school, seasonal youth programs or other youth directed events" - added 12/18/20
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