Mercury Thermometers ‘Swap’ Program

University personnel can submit a Chemical Waste Collection Request to recycle a mercury thermometer by swapping it for a safer alcohol-filled thermometer. This exchange eliminates the risk of a mercury thermometer breaking, which can result in a costly cleanup and expose you to mercury, a potent neurotoxin.

Follow these steps to when submitting your Chemical Waste Collection Request:


Control volatile organic chemical smells

Does your laboratory have volatile organic chemicals that produce strong, pungent odors even when the cap and bottle are intact? Controlling these smells, often found in chemical storage areas, will help reduce your risk of exposure.

Volatile organic chemicals can escape their containers, which presents an exposure risk to everyone in the lab. Restricting the ability for the chemical to disperse into the air can lower that risk.


Record chemical inventories for research vessels in MyChem


Personnel working on UW research vessels can now add their chemical inventories into MyChem, the University’s chemical tracking system. UW employees who use chemicals or chemical-containing products at any UW owned or leased facility are required to maintain chemical inventories in MyChem, and chemicals can include, but are not limited to, paint, compressed gas cylinders, epoxies, and fuel.