Stop Use Notice for Honeywell Miller fall protection harness


Honeywell announced a mandatory Stop Use Notice for Honeywell Miller Heavy Duty 650K, 850K, 060076, and 080007 Kevlar series harnesses only when used for arc flash protection. University units with these models should remove them from service immediately.

Honeywell arc flash fall protection harness
Source: Honeywell Miller

Harness 850KQC/S/MBK failed an Arc Flash test, which impacts the use of 850K models, and models in the 650K, 060076, 080007 product lines. While there have been NO reported incidents, continued use of the product for arc flash protection could result in serious injury or death.

University units should take the following steps:

  1. Immediately remove the equipment from service.
  2. Check the part number to verify whether the equipment is potentially impacted.
  3. Locate the manufacture date on the label. See the image below for detailed instructions.

If your harness is on the list of potentially impacted part numbers and was manufactured between April 29, 2015 and April 1, 2020, you can request a replacement harness. Follow the instructions on the Honeywell website to request a replacement.

instructions for checking date on label