EH&S Safe Start operations


The UW Environmental Health & Safety Department (EH&S) provides services to our campus partners both remotely and on site to support critical work activities in accordance with the University’s COVID-19 Prevention Plan for the Workplace and EH&S's site-specific COVID-19 Prevention Plans.

EH&S is committed to COVID-19 prevention practices while providing critical on-site services to members of our campus community. Please review our EH&S COVID-19 Prevention Practices for Site Visits.

In addition to remote operations, EH&S continues to provide the following services and activities on site:


  • Public health response activities for COVID-19 that require on-site support
  • Field response or work required to support essential research, health care operation, or other University critical function
  • Limited in-person safety training courses required for critical work activities.
  • Regulatory site visits that require on-site support
  • Workplace health and safety assessments and support that require on-site support for critical operations
  • Employee Health Center will provide clinical services for personnel performing critical functions, which may include:
    • Medical clearance to work in the animal care and use facilities
    • Exposure response
    • Physical exams


  • COVID-19 research support:
    • Medical evaluations, screenings, and clearances
    • BSL3 biosafety training and administrative support
    • Biosafety cabinet certification and approvals
    • Biological Use Authorization application review and assessment
    • Research support as needed for standard operating procedure reviews
    • Incident or exposure response
    • Administrative support for Institutional Biosafety Committee and meetings



  • The medical health physicist supports medical centers in-person as needed.
  • In-person support may include, but is not limited to:
    • Equipment testing and verification
    • Patient therapeutic procedures involving the administration of radioactive material
  • The following services will only be performed for critical in-person research (as defined by the Office of Research):

Contact EH&S at or call 206.543.7262 with questions.