Annual Fire Safety Report 2021


The University informs prospective and current students of the fire statistics, fire safety systems and standards, evacuation drills, training, and other measures in place to protect the residents in student housing facilities. The Annual Fire Safety Report prepared by the EH&S Building and Fire Safety team is now available for review.front page of the annual security and fire safety report

The Annual Fire Safety Report for the UW Seattle campus is included in the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report published by the UW Police Department that includes crime statistics, prevention measures and safety resources available to the UW community. Annual Fire Safety Reports are also available for UW Bothell and UW Tacoma.

You can review a current list of on-campus fire-related incidents on the Campus Fire Log, which is updated as incidents are reported. Report all unintended fires, including unintended open flames and smoke without a visible flame, to EH&S at or 206.616.5530.

The Campus Fire Safety Right-to-Know Act serves to increase campus fire safety awareness across the nation, providing students and their families with the fire safety records of colleges and universities.

Contact EH&S Building and Fire Safety team at 206.685.0341 with any additional questions about fire safety at the UW.